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Kristi Casey: Musings

Hi, I’m Kristi! I’m a creative alchemist who works with words, images, music, movement, and love. My creations explore big questions, like what makes us human, how can we maintain hope in the face of darkness, and where we draw inspiration and strength from when things seem bleak. I seek to illuminate what’s beautiful, powerful, magical, and majestic about this life and alchemize darkness into light, pain into joy.

My first novel is Song of Lyran, which tells the story of five women who share the same soul. My second novel, NeuroNet (coming soon!), explores what would happen if we could keep the people we love with us forever. And there are so many more stories to tell and songs to sing that I want to share with you! Join the Creative Alchemy Channel to get live updates, special invites, book excerpts, and more!