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SONG OF LYRAN historical and creative notes

Much of the symbolism in SONG OF LYRAN is inspired by or borrowed from Judaism and Jewish mysticism. Since the Hebrews (known to the ancient Egyptians as the Ivrim tribes, which included the Essenes) were the OGs of monotheism, it seemed a fitting tribute to include them in a book celebrating the concept. Also, because […]

Where do souls come from?

In the SONG OF LYRAN, readers follow the Line of Sekhmet from pre-history to the present day. This line is one of soul transference, taking for granted that in the world of the novel, reincarnation is how souls evolve. But where do they come from? And is there any connection between the soul theories of […]

Who — or what — are the Lyrans?

If you’ve heard of SONG OF LYRAN, you’ve probably wondered: what’s a ‘Lyran’? Well, settle in my friends and I’ll give you a little background on where the idea for the Lion-hearted Lyrans, exemplified by the character of Sekhmet, came from. I have to say that the villains of the book came to me first. […]


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