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What do you need to let go of?

There are so many things we want to carry with us. But so little we need. Let go of expectations and things that no longer serve you if you want to get unstuck

Take up space and ask for the love you need

Don’t let your inner critic let you get small. You deserve love and attention. But you need to take up space and ask for it! Here’s why.


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About Me

Hi, I’m Kristi! I’m a queer, magical woman who loves living in the North Georgia mountains and giving birth to new worlds. Because I work in multiple genres with words, music, theater, movement, inspiration, and love, I think of myself as a creative alchemist. You can join my Creative Alchemy with Kristi Casey channel here and be the first to hear my creative musings, receive special invitations, and more!

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Time to assemble your team Truly Kristi

Don't try doing it alone! Assemble your trusted advisors and form a Kitchen Cabinet. Here's how! For more tips on getting unstuck, subscribe to Truly Kristi.
  1. Time to assemble your team
  2. Who brings you joy?
  3. Ask for the love you need
  4. Comparisons are the thief of joy
  5. Where are you right now in your journey?

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