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Love letter from a SONG OF LYRAN Beta reader

Writing a book is the easy part. During the first draft, you can put down anything you want. Then you have to clean it all up through a series of editing rounds. One of the early rounds involves getting people to read your book. These ’Beta readers’ give you insight into how other people might approach or engage with your story. Beta feedback helps you reshape your book during a developmental edit round so that gaps are closed, lapses in reason are fixed, and missing information can be added. Their critiques help you cement your story, smooth out the flow, and fix any glaring errors. Here’s a little love letter I just got from one.

Where did the idea for this book come from?

Thirty years ago, I had a vision. Was I awake? Was I still dreaming? I’m not sure. But it introduced me to the women who live at the core of my first novel.

The Line of Sekhmet

At the core of my novel Song of Lyran is the idea that a soul can be reincarnated. The reader follows the Line of Sekhmet as the Divine Spark of her Lyran nature travels through her human descendants. Here’s a brief run-down of whose stories you’ll discover inside the book.

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