Song of Lyran audiobook now available!

song of lyran audiobook available from audible

I’m so excited to share that if you love audiobooks, you can now listen to SONG OF LYRAN! Secure your copy here from Audible (and it’s free if you subscribe to the service or do the trial).

Prior to writing novels, I was best-known for performing and public speaking. I used my voice a lot. And I even did a lot of voice-overs for corporate videos and other projects.

So when readers started asking if I had an audiobook version of SONG OF LYRAN, I was like, ‘Oh I can totally record one!’

I created a walk-in recording studio using equipment I’d repurposed from my hybrid event speaker set-up in my closet. And hunkered down on a TV tray in-between my shoe-shelf and rack of long dresses, I went into this studio to record almost every day for three months.

Let me tell you: Voiceover artists are total rockstars. I have a newfound respect for them. Recording audio is no joke. You get fatigued quickly and make stupid mistakes. The same word will hang you up over and over. You’ll start coughing out of nowhere in the middle of your best take. Your dog will bark all over the last thirty seconds of an otherwise flawless chapter. And you will curse every fancy word or name you stumble over.

Seriously, there were times I wanted to smack myself for putting in so much ancient history, languages, pronunciations, and names.

I also had a moment when I questioned the wisdom of deciding to voice a story that featured five women with very different voices, some of whom had foreign accents.

But three months and nearly ten hours of recordings later, I was finally able to dismantle my cramped quarters and ship the audio off to an editor to spin my flax into gold.


So, if you’re like my Dad, whose dyslexia makes reading printed books difficult; or friend Terilyn, who loves listening to stories in the car; or me who loves to listen to books while I walk the dog–now you can get your very own copy of my debut novel with the added plus of it being me whispering, shouting, lilting, and crying my own words in your ear.

Still prefer to hold a book in your hands? Purchase a copy of SONG OF LYRAN from Amazon, or–if you want to support independent bookstores and get the hardback version with the coolest spine and back cover art–from Bookshop.

Thanks for reading, listening, and supporting me, friends! When you’re done, please submit a review on Amazon and GoodReads, or wherever you purchased your copy from. Your words of praise and five-star reviews are better marketing than anything I could come up with, and helps my work find an audience larger than my friends and family. Telling other people about SONG OF LYRAN and encouraging your local bookstores and libraries to carry it, if you’re so inspired to do so, also will earn my sincere gratitude and thanks. And if you have a copy already, take a picture of yourself with the book and post it on social media (tag @trulykristi on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or Facebook, or @truly.kristi on TikTok) and I’ll send you some special limited edition swag with a little love note.


Song of Lyran audiobook is in the house! Truly Kristi

Love women-centric sci-fi but don't have time to read?  You're in luck! The audiobook version of SONG OF LYRAN is now available through Audible. That's right! You can have me whisper, scream, cajole, giggle, and tell my story right into your earholes.  SONG OF LYRAN is the story of five women who share a single soul. My debut novel follows their interwoven stories through ancient history, the birth of religions, and the chaos of war right up through the boring, soul-crushing slog of the pandemic. Will these women be able to defeat the darkness that threatens to overwhelm humanity? Tune in and find out! Are you a reader? Here's the blog of this podcast. 🙂 Want to know more about me? Check this out.

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