Listen to your inner guide

Access your inner guide: a creative challenge

When someone we love asks us to do something, it doesn’t matter if it’s a large or small ask, we want to say ‘yes.’  But what is your inner guide telling you?

If you have misgivings, it’s best to say no.

As Rumi wrote:

Never ignore those intuitions.
When you feel some slight repugnance about doing something,
listen to it. These premonitions come from God.

If we ignore our intuition, then we are silencing our inner guide.

If we silence our inner guide too often, that precious divine voice will stop speaking to us.

The good news is, you can awaken your intuition just as easily as you can ignore it.

Exercise to connect with your inner guide

Connecting with your inner guide is your challenge. It should only take five minutes, but take as much time as you want:

  1. Turn off all the alarms, notifications, and other things that might distract you.
  2. Sit comfortably, in a place where you won’t be disturbed.
  3. Focus on your breath. Observe how it flows in and out of your body.
  4. Relax your shoulders and breathe into any parts of your body that feel tight.
  5. Clear your mind of all mental noise: to-do lists, worries, news headlines, and so on. If intrusive thoughts pop up, just acknowledge them and blow them out of the way.
  6. Ask yourself: What do I want? What do I need?
  7. Listen to the answer.

Then write down what comes to you. 

Even if it feels ridiculous. What you write is just for you. 

No one else has to see it.

Daily way to listen to your inner guide

If you want to regularly connect with your intuitive inner guide:

  1. Keep a journal by your bed. 
  2. Set your alarm to wake you up thirty minutes earlier than usual
  3. Spend the first twenty or thirty minutes of each morning freewriting whatever comes into your head.
  4. Don’t worry about producing great work or anything polished. The act of freewriting is more like warming up before going for a long run. 

If you make a habit of clearing your mind like this daily, you’ll strengthen your connection to your inner guide. 

When you let yourself lead, creativity and inspiration will follow.

What a divine feeling!

Let me know how it goes! Share your thoughts and experiences by commenting on this post or tagging @trulykristi on social channels. 🙂

Til Tuesday!
Kristi Casey

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