Who — or what — are the Lyrans?

Eye of Sekhmet by Lex Sanders

If you’ve heard of SONG OF LYRAN, you’ve probably wondered: what’s a ‘Lyran’? Well, settle in my friends and I’ll give you a little background on where the idea for the Lion-hearted Lyrans, exemplified by the character of Sekhmet, came from.

I have to say that the villains of the book came to me first. During the dark days of the pandemic, I started hearing about QAnon and 4Chan. At first, I didn’t take what I heard seriously. I mean, c’mon! There’s an alien race of reptilians disguised as politicians who are running the country? And they’re pedophiles who like to operate out of a pizza joint in Washington, D.C.?

But then I started to meet people, including members of my extended family, who believed these things. If not wholeheartedly, then at least as ideas that existed within the realm of possibility. I noticed that while these same people purported to be scared of corruption and the evils attributed to the ‘lizard people’ who ran the ‘swamp,’ the politicians they supported were being accused of the very same evils.

How clever would it be, if I was trying to deflect attention from myself, to accuse innocent people of committing the atrocities I’m committing, I thought. And indeed, as this germ of an idea rattled around my brain, I did stumble across this very idea in propaganda playbooks. Now, the idea became: what if there was a race of reptilian creatures who ruled things from behind the scenes and manipulated humans into aiding and abetting them through fear and propaganda that accused the innocent of the very crimes they committed?

That gave me the power dynamic for the book. I knew who the figures behind the darkness would be. I googled ‘alien race of reptiles,’ I found entries talking about ancient aliens called the Brotherhood of the Snake who were connected to all sorts of groups, like ancient Egypt’s Amun Priesthood, and originated from the star Draco.

Bingo! I had my villains. Now I needed worthy opponents. Returning to my rabbit hole of Google research I stumbled across the Lyrans. By some accounts they were connected to lions, in others they had green eyes, in all they were descended from the star Lyra and connected to other ‘star seed’ from the Pleiades and Sirius. Cross-referencing the idea of lions of light and snakes of darkness with the historical epochs each of the women of Sekhmet’s line inhabit, I was able to find lions (or their feline counterparts) and snakes in each of the women’s cultures.

In the SONG OF LYRAN, I elaborate on this mythology, connecting it to earthbound myths you might be familiar with from the Torah or Old Testament. For example, Sekhmet’s ability to form a line of genealogical descent can be explained by Book of Genesis angels being able to have children with humans.

All this is a very long answer to the short question: who or what are the Lyrans?

The short answer is: Lyrans are aspects of God. They are not human, but they interact and can breed with them. Some call them aliens, others know them as angels. But they are engaged in an eternal battle with the forces of darkness, represented by the Brotherhood of the Snake, who also have divine origin.

What other questions do you have for me about SONG OF LYRAN? Leave a comment and I’ll answer your query in a future blog. 🙂

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