The symbolism of the Lyran eye

I love the cover art my child, Lex, created for SONG OF LYRAN.

The concept for the cover art came from Jenny Schisler Hinely. Our gifted child Lex Sanders drew the cover art. Alix Po designed the exterior and interior layout of the book.

Central to its design is an eye, referencing the green-gold eyes shared by the women of the Line of Sekhmet. Because each of the women also share a shade of red hair, the lashes are ginger-toned. But there’s more to this image than what you see at first. Let me explain.

In the center of the green-gold eye, there are five interlocking rings. Each of these rings stands for one of the women whose stories are told in SONG OF LYRAN.

As I was writing this book, I wanted each woman to have a distinctive voice. Some of that definition came from the historic era they occupied, or the culture they inhabited. I read each chapter aloud as I was writing to help give each woman’s section of the song a particular rhythm.

I also found inspiration in the idea of elements. Specifically: Metal, Fire, Water, Air, and Earth.

The rings at the core of the Lyran eye reflect these elements. Each element stands for one of the women central to this story. Here are the women I associate with each element:

  • Metal: Sekhmet
  • Fire: Filoméla
  • Water: Forach
  • Air: Juana
  • Earth: Honey

As you read SONG OF LYRAN, think about the women and their elemental connections. Now that you’re aware of their elements, can you see echoes of those elements throughout their songs?

Another thing I bore in mind as I wrote is that the soul they share evolves as it passes from one to the other. And in this way, this song is also the story of how Metal becomes Earth . . . Something designed to destroy becomes something that is capable of bringing forth new light . . . Life has beaten the sword into a plowshare by the end of SONG OF LYRAN.

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